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'What kind of overalls does Mario wear?'


Yep, I laughed out loud

I love the “oh no” like he fucking knows he’s going to hear a shitty ass joke

this is the stupidest fucking joke in the world but i laugh every fucking time without fail

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I’ve done this before, and it got a pretty good response, SO. Anybody who reblogs this will get their own action figure photo.

Meaning, I will write your username down and incorporate it in the photo with different figures. Feel free to reblog with a certain character you’d like in your photo…

Bespin Han is always a winner

The Spaceship at ShirtPunch Affiliate Post.

At ShirtPunch today only   The Spaceship, Spaceship, spaceship. $10 each. ShirtPunch is an affiliate site and purchasing the shirts via the links on this site helps supports my artwork.


I wanted to find a way to say thanks for making CoffeeCupRobot such a fun project and inspired by the Giveaways/Competitions that happen on Instagram, I went out and picked up the Guardians of the Galaxy Milano LEGO set to giveaway to a lucky winner.

 The second picture is the set someone will be winning, chilling out in the studio.

 I’m not much of the writer but in short: Thanks for being awesome and all the good times!

 Rules and how its all going to work:

 To Enter:

 Reblog this post, tag it #CCRCOMP and follow @CoffeeCupRobot

 Please only a max of 3 entry’s per social media outlet per day. (We don’t need to be spamming your friends)

Ends September 1st 2014 at noon GMT

How its going to work:

Each reblog/post will be assigned a number and once the contest is over a number will be drawn using a random generator.

I will then contact the winner through social media and if available email.  

In the unlikely event the winner does not answer within 3 days the draw will happen again.

This contest is being run across twitter, instagram, facebook and tumblr so if you want more chances to enter go find CoffeeCupRobot and there will be a post there with instructions.  

This Competition is by no way affiliated with LEGO or MARVEL.

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Another Brick in the wall, Walking Bricks shirts at ShirtPunch Affiliate Post.

Another Brick in the wall, Walking Bricks shirts at ShirtPunch Affiliate Post.

 ShirtPunch today only two Brick themed shirt the first is Another Brick in the Wall  and the other is Walking Bricks. The other designs are animation related featuring Pokemon and my my neighbor Totoro. Tee shirts start at $10 plus they have hoodies anf long sleeve shirts.

I’m not a big enough fan of Zombies to get the Walking Bricks shirt. I missed the Brick in the wall when it was offered…

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No Dragon Con For You?

No Dragon Con For You?

No Dragon Con For You?.

Stuff to do in Nashville if you can’t make Dragon*Con. via Nashville Geek Life.

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Bill Mantlo, creator of Rocket Raccoon. If you’ve enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy like so many of us have, please do not forget about his role in giving us all that incorrigible, adorable little fella.

At Multiversity we’re hosting a benefit for Bill. You can read about it here, see all the pieces we’ll be auctioning off for Bill in conjunction with his brother Mike here (the auctions will begin soon, 100% of the proceeds go to Bill’s care), and you can read more about what you can do for Bill here.

Ain’t nobody like Bill, ‘cept Bill.

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Birthday Request

It’s my Birthday and I have a simple request. Share my art. Share this blog on your social media sites, Just pick one of your favorite posts and hit the share button.

Minion Surprise Figures Update

Minion Surprise Figures Update

I previously posted about new Minion Surprise blind foil bags. At that point I had not found the new bags in store. Well I finally found them at Toys R Us. from the  image on thinkway’s site, I was worried the new and old figures might be mixed in the bags. They are not. The new ones are labeled as Despicable Me Minion Made, Minion Surprise.

There are eleven figures pictured on the bag and…

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