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Rocket’s New Buddy

Rocket’s New Buddy

rocket and godzilla

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Delivery Made!

One of my friends delivered a print of my Captain Marvel in Flight to Kelly Sue. Plus Kelly Sue sign a copy for me!

Batman at ript apparel

Ript Apparel theme for the day is Batman. The designs mash batman with minions, classic LEGO space, and How to Train Your Dragon. $10 each.

Nerds Just Wanna Have Fun video

I know some of the people who made this video.

Have fun Storming the Convention!

To everyone one that is going, enjoy the convention! Follow me at YodaArchives Or Tumblr New Store on…

Affiliate post: Minions or Rigellians?

Affiliate post: Minions or Rigellians?

At TeeFury august 27 only! Banana Nana and Hail Rigel VII. Minions or Simpsons?

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 1.09.18 PM

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 1.09.40 PM

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Nerd Block August Unboxing

Nerd Block August Unboxing

What is Nerd Block?

Nerd Block is a monthly subscription service for geeks. Every month, subscribers will receive a package containing a t-shirt and 4-6 toys or collectables. You pick the shirt size but the design and toys are unknown.

So What’s in the Box?

First up is Garbage pail minikins series 2($2.99). Two figures with matching stickers. I remember Garbage pail from when I was little.…

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New LEGO Batman trailer


Order your #babygroot #groot #funko #popvinyl figure now while you still can at popvinyl.net/babygroot


I wanted to find a way to say thanks for making CoffeeCupRobot such a fun project and inspired by the Giveaways/Competitions that happen on Instagram, I went out and picked up the Guardians of the Galaxy Milano LEGO set to giveaway to a lucky winner.

 The second picture is the set someone will be winning, chilling out in the studio.

 I’m not much of the writer but in short: Thanks for being awesome and all the good times!

 Rules and how its all going to work:

 To Enter:

 Reblog this post, tag it #CCRCOMP and follow @CoffeeCupRobot

 Please only a max of 3 entry’s per social media outlet per day. (We don’t need to be spamming your friends)

Ends September 1st 2014 at noon GMT

How its going to work:

Each reblog/post will be assigned a number and once the contest is over a number will be drawn using a random generator.

I will then contact the winner through social media and if available email.  

In the unlikely event the winner does not answer within 3 days the draw will happen again.

This contest is being run across twitter, instagram, facebook and tumblr so if you want more chances to enter go find CoffeeCupRobot and there will be a post there with instructions.  

This Competition is by no way affiliated with LEGO or MARVEL.

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